Release date: April 26, 2005!
A unique 7in x 7in CD Package.

Beatles '64: Goin' To Kansas City
By Joseph A. Tunzi


Announcing a new release from J.A.T. Records, Beatles '64: Goin' To Kansas City. This CD of a Beatles press conference from September 17, 1964, was recorded prior to their concert in Kansas City, Missouri. Accompanied by a 32-page photo booklet of many unpublished photos of the press conference and concert. Beatles '64: Goin' To Kansas City is a ticket to ride back to The Beatles first U.S. Tour.

In 1964, one of The Beatles most unusual concerts took place. The President of The Kansas City Athletics baseball team, multi-millionaire, Charles O. Finley, was upset The Beatles were not coming to his town. After several negotiations with Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, and agreement was finally reached for The Beatles to play Kansas City for the largest amount ever paid for one concert, $150,000.

By the time they arrived in Kansas City, The Beatles had thought more about the offer and were both honored and amused as the day began. Their enthusiasm led them to include the song "Kansas City" in their setlist that night. What most fans don't know is that the concert was not their first "performance" of the day. That afternoon The Beatles gave what was perhaps one of their most entertaining press conferences.Beatles '64: Goin' To Kansas City is the first complete release of this legendary conference. What made The Beatles stand out from so many other groups was their charm and appeal. This CD and 32-page booklet, Beatles '64: Goin' To Kansas City, will give you an opportunity to look at the many unpublished photographs, documents, memorabilia, and hear the voices of The Fab Four at the height of their fame.

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